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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fading Memories of Kanazawa

I had more photos from Kanazawa in the roll of film I just had developed so here they are.

The bottom four photos are taken at a lovely little shop/cafe called Collabon which is run by two local artists. There are some shops like it in Kanazawa but this one had the most welcome atmosphere of all. I had a cute company too ;)

I can't stop thinking about the wooden tray in the last photo which was seen at another shop in Kanazawa. I will try if I can get it somehow.

I bought 2 types of really cute japanese vintage papers at this shop. I thought they are made locally, but were actually from Yonagado 夜長堂 from Osaka. Their beautiful papers are also sold at keibunsha.
1-4 Yasue-cho Kanazawa-Shi
Ishikawa Prefecture 920-0854
PH: 076-265-6273
11:00 - 20:00 / Closed on Tuesdays

Monday, 29 June 2009

Trip to Kanazawa #04: Shin-tatemachi Area 新竪町商店街

Ten to fifteen minuite walk from the 21st Centrury Museum, you find Shin-tatemachi shopping street 新竪町商店街. The street goes only for about 200 meters and it looks pretty deserted, but if you see carefully you find some interesting shops selling antiques and japanese homeware zakka made by local artists here and there along the way. Many of the buildings seen here are the traditional machiya (town house) style and throughout the street there is a really nostalgic feel to it. I wouldn't say it's a must-see place, but if you have some extra time it could be interesting to wonder around.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Trip to Kanazawa #03: 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

Ever since this museum opened in 2004 I've been longing to see it. After 5 years finally I got there, it was fantastic! And yes this was the main purpose of my Kanazawa trip.
I kept going back to my favourite James Turrell's "blue planet sky".
Famous "swimming pool" by Leandro Erlich was fun!
I just loved walking around and around taking photos in the round shaped museum building, enjoyed the transition of the scenery as the time passes by, it was so beautiful.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Architecture by SANAA
On Fridays and Saturdays they open till 8pm (other days close at 6), i think it's best to visit there in the late afternoon (if in summer around 5pm while the sun is still pretty bright) and stay untill the evening on Friday which I did!

I found a good movie about the "swimming pool" on Youtube:

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Trip to Kanazawa #02: Omicho Ichiba

Kanazawa is blessed with beautiful food and Omicho Ichiba (Ichiba means market) is a must-see spot for foodies! Generally Hokkaido is known as a home for great seafood, but apparently Kanazawa area gets much better quality seafood, ama-ebi prawns and zuwaigani crabs are very famous there!

And this is what I had for lunch - Omicho Kaisen (seafood) Donburi! It is huge and is full of local fish sashimi. Each slice of sashimi is about 2.5 times thicker and bigger than what we normally get in Tokyo. Oh I want another donburi now!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Trip to Kanazawa #01: Chaya District

Kanazawa is an old city full of history and culture, it's much much smaller but some parts of Kanazawa reminds me of Kyoto. Kanazawa has three well preserved Chaya districts, "Chaya" literally means "teahouse" but is actually something like an exclusive type of restaurant where geisha entertains the guests with dance and songs. These pictures are from Higashi Chaya District, the biggest chaya-gai out of three. I just loved walking around the narrow backstreets there. All the buildings you see around here are so beautiful and very well preserved, some of them are nearly 200 years old.

Most of the chayas are run by the "ichigensan okotowari" system, this means unless you are referred by someone who is already a customer there, you can't enter the chaya. But there are a few chayas that are open to tourists to have a look inside during the daytime so people can learn about the secret chaya culture. The one I went into was called "Kaikaro" and the each room was very beautifully decorated and was really interesting to see. Guided tour must be booked in advance so I only helped myself looking around taking photos with not much information, but I would've loved to take a tour to learn about this not-so-known unique culture of chaya.

I'm just adding this map from so you get the idea of where Kanazawa is. It's one hour flight from Tokyo.
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